All about Oner Active

Oner Active was once a simple dream, a dream to create active wear that helped women world wide feel extraordinary in every single way.

Our missions is to empower all women every step of the way throughout their fitness journey. So whether you’re training at home, in the gym or outside we have you in mind always.

We want to help you feel secure, comfortable and confident whilst training with sleek and simple designs that look amazing on all women!

This is just the start of our extraordinary journey together and we hope to be with you every step of the way.

All about Krissy Cela

Krissy Cela, founder of Oner Active, is determined to make fitness and wellbeing accessible, powerful and sustainable for all women.

Growing up in an Albanian household where her parents juggled several jobs to make life possible, Krissy is no stranger to hard work and sheer determination. Whilst reading law at university, Krissy started her fitness journey by tracking her progress and sharing it with her, now 2 million plus , community across social media.

She has empowered, supported and rallied for women across the world to feel their best, achieve their greatest dreams and make the impossible, possible. Krissy’s mantra is to conquer what none of us think is possible – and keep going; it’s where amazing things happen.

Oner Active embodies all of these values with a mission to make each and every woman feel extraordinary and powerful as they train to be the very best version of themselves.